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Miel J, Tinley Park, IL

Our son was evaluated by Ms Shilpa wayback 2011 for Occupational Therapy. Up to the present our son is still under her services and has greatly improve. We are very satisfied with the very good services that our son is receiving as they tailored the activity according to his needs. The schedule is also very flexible. We highly recommend their services to other clients who needs Occupational Therapy.

  • Jeff Y., Tinley Park, IL

To begin with, I broke the Fifth Metacarpal Bone in my hand, which is also known as a "Boxer's Fracture". I had 2 surgeries and 4 pins put into my hand to fix the broken bone. I started therapy at Stepping Stones with Arun Sharma. Before I started my therapy, I had doubts that my hand would ever be back to normal due to how serious the break was. I started therapy with Arun 3 times a week, and after 9 sessions, my hand was back to 100%. Arun is very knowledgable in his field of work. He explained the entire rehabilitation process to me to where I could easily understand the healing process. I am a Police Officer, and my right hand is my dominant hand, as well as the hand I use for my firearm; therefore, the therapy was very important. Arun was able to heal my hand in a way which was not painful; therefore, I left each session with progression, and was able to continue to work my hand while at home. I HIGHLY recommend Arun and Stepping Stone Rehab Services for any hand and upper extremity therapy. Arun is also very flexible with his schedule, which is a major benefit. And to top it off, Arun is a great guy, which made the entire process a lot of fun! If I ever need hand therapy again in the future, I will definitely be going to Therapy with Arun from Stepping Stones. This is easily a 5 star review! Thank you Arun for making my hand stronger than it was before!!!

“I really feel better after completing my rehab. I was in lot of pain while raising my arm. Arun helped me mentally as well as physically. i was scared but he made me comfortable and i am 100% better now after 2 months of therapy.

Charles Harris (2009-2010)

“I have lot of medical conditions and was treated for upper and lower back pain . He treated me as a whole person and explained about the proper diet, posture etc. I learned alot."

Adela Pilny (2010)

“i was told that i would need surgery on my hand for carpal tunnel but i insisted that i wanted to try some therapy first. my doctor recommended this place to me and i had therapy for 6 weeks and learned about splinting , controlling symptoms and so far i have avoided the surgery. very good knowledgeable therapist”

Mary W (2008)

“After my thumb surgery my doctor told me me to find good hand therapist. My doctor had therapy in his clinic but did not accept my insurance for therapy. i found Arun and he gladly accepted my insurance and provided the one on one care. Best in the business. ”

Dolores C (2009)

"I needed late appointments as i could only come after work. he accommodated me in the evenings and on saturdays.more info i got from Arun regarding my condition than i got from my doctor".


Michael G (2008)

"i came to this place by chance through an open house , this guy gave me almost an hour in explaining my problem which my doctor stated that i had to live with my whole life as there was some problem with my cervical spine.

i worked odd hours but he worked with me , i am 90-95% better and now i know how to control my symptoms without popping pain pills".


ken holub (2009)

"i had hard time finding a provider for aetna in this area. i had shoulder surgery and called many places. i missed almost 2 weeks of therapy finding providers. finally called Arun and accpted aetna gladly and he insisted that we start ASAP as there was aleady a delay of 2 weeks. He infact opened the clinic for us on saturday afternoon instead of waiting for monday. after 3 months of my shoulder rehab. i am 100% back to normal.

Thanks Arun for taking care of me'

lourdes magana (2009)

" Extremely knowledgeable therapist, provided on on one care for my wrist . Also able to come to clinic in the evenings , never missed my work, i highly recommend"

Michelle Barnes (2010)

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