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1.     Well trained, compassionate, licensed and certified therapists.

2.     Parents are encouraged to participate in the sessions.

3.     Best results are achieved only with families who are well informed and motivated to work with their children.

4.     We maintain consistent communication with parents and other disciplines on the team in order to achieve the best outcomes for the child.

5.     We match therapists with children to develop an effective  didactic relationship, which stays consistent, and is part of  a one- on- one interaction. Therapy times are also kept consistent to maximize long term compliance and effectiveness.

This demands minimum adjustment to different providers and time of day.

6.     We strive to provide an environment which is conducive to each child’s unique sensory needs and avoid OVERCROWDING.

7.     Children deserve attention and care, but when they have special needs, these responsibilities increase by a multifold!!

Hand and Upper extremity clinic

This page is developed to explain patients that not all the physical therapy or hand therapy or rehab. clinics are the same. There is huge difference among therapists skill level, experience, training and specialty which could significantly affect your outcome of rehab. program.

We have seen it all the time that patients have been referred for surgery i.e Rotator cuff tear etc; stating that "conservative therapy did not work". Somehow when these patient came to us we found out they had wasted their time and money at therapy places where they were treated in large group, had different therapist every session, told to to same exs / activities every session even though their pain was getting worse. Most of them even performed exs with no supervision of a therapist.

To make it more simple please think about these points:

1. If you have hand, elbow or shoulder pain would you rather go see a therapist who just treats hands and upper extremity all day with over 10 yrs. experience or the one who does everything from back, knees, ankle, neck , shoulder , elbow to hand, etc.

2. Who would you prefer a general therapist with no advanced certification or training or the one who has shown competency in rehab. of hand and upper extremity by passing exams or with hours of experience dedicated in practice of hand and upper extremity.


Always ask your therapist about his/her experience in treating hand & upper extremity injuries??

Check credentials at professional websites at, to find out if they have any speciality certification.

Carpal tunnel syndrome if detected early and treated properly one can avoid surgery. Same kind of pattern has been seen in treating injuries of elbow and shoulder like in tendonitis.

Wrist pain is another issue where we have seen that due to poor diagnosis or poor conservative treatment protocols patients condition worsens and then surgery is the only

Benefits of Working with a CHT!!!

The Certified Hand Therapist credential offers assurance to the public that the therapist has achieved the highest level of competency in the profession and stays up to date with practice within the field.

Please make an informed decision in order to get best care by a licensed , certified and experienced therapist in Chicago Metro.


We do get calls for free screenings and YES sometimes it does requires some physical testing to actually give you assessment of your condition.

Rest assured that free screenings are not used for sales pitch and whenever we need to refer you to other provider or additional services we would be glad to do so.

After the screening if we feel that their is need for therapy and we could help you in decreasing pain, improving lifestyle, improving strength or even prevent condition from worsening ,we would let you know and at that point you could decide to schedule full evaluation or see another provider.

Our emphasis is that you understand the pathology or the diagnosis and then follow it up with the best plan of care and treatment options.



11745 Southwest Hwy, Palos Heights , IL 60463

Hand Therapy, Pediatric Occupational Therapy , Speech Therapy 

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