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Our hand therapist ARUN SHARMA OTR/L, CHT ; graduated in 1997 with bachelor of science degree in occupational therapy from Delhi university, India. Arun sharma got his hand therapy certification in 2002. He has been using his experience of two different subcontinents ( asia & america) in treating his patients since 1998.           

Dynamic splinting

He uses extensive manual therapy and also utilizes physical agent modalities as an adjunct to an individual’s hand therapy treatment program in order to decrease pain, promote healing, decrease edema, and increase range of motion. Arun has over 10 yrs of experience in dealing with upper extremity rehabilitation. Arun Sharma also did training in performing FCE in 2002 and has performed over 70 FCE's in last few years and developed work hardening program in order to expedite return to work.

Our Therapist are skilled and experienced in the delivery of modalities like ultrasound therapy, fluidotherapy, electrical stimulation, moist heat , iontophoresis etc.

Rehab. after infections & fasciotomy

Arun Sharma is also active in community and participates in community fairs to spread awareness about hand therapy and prevention of upper extremity injuries. 

Stepping stones participated in community awareness fair & senior health fair in Oak Forest, IL in October, 2008.

Arun sharma, Certified hand therapist, also published an article in orland park prairie newspaper in June, 2008 on hand injury prevention program.


We are specialist in dealing with upper extremity problems. Hand therapy and occupational therapy in Chicago,Oak forest, Tinley park, Orland park area."Proper evaluation, assessment and treatment can avoid unnecessary surgery".

1. Pre & Post operative rehabilitation of shoulder, elbow and hand injuries

2. Sprains, strains of upper extremity

3. Sports injuries , Golf fitness and performance

4. Throwing Athletes injuries and prevention

5. Industrial rehab. , FCE , work hardening programs

6. post fracture rehabilitation

7. CVA, neurological disorders , parkinsons etc. other conditions affecting hand function and ADL'S.

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