HAND THERAPY & OCCUPATIONAL REHAB. SERVICES - (Specializing In Hand and Upper Extremity Rehab.)
Recovery after elbow reconstruction surgeryFinger Fracture splinting  

Occupational Therapy , work conditioning and Hand Therapy Clinic serving Chicago Metro region. 
Stepping Stones Rehab. Services is an outpatient HAND  THERAPY and occupational therapy clinic. We also provide pediatric occupational therapy services in the home as well the outpatient setting.
We serve Chicago metro area along with southwest suburbs of CHICAGO in Oak Forest , flossmoor, Orland Park and Tinley park area. It is owned by practicing OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST and Certified hand therapist who specializes in dealing with disorders/of shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist and  hand, postural disorders, neck pain etc.
We Accept Blue cross Blue Shields , medicare and other major insurances.
Crush injury after 4 weeks.
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 Is This You????????
Do you have Numbness and tingling in hands ??hand therapy and occupational therapy in chicagoDid you get hurt at workplace or in an auto accident??
 Are you Dropping things at home???
 Do you feel Pain, swelling and   stiffness in hands or shoulder ???Unable to sleep at night due to pain ??
Do you feel painful clicking, popping in your shoulder joints???
Difficulty in raising your arms overhead ????
Shoulder pain, neck pain , back pain due to poor posture???
Are you tired of living with pain associated with shoulder injury, CARPAL TUNNEL , neck pain, back pain?
Are you popping pain pills regularly and the    dosage keeps increasing as pain worsens?
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Come and see what we can do for your pain and improving your quality of life. We are located in Chicago and southwest suburb of Oak Forest. 
CALL NOW 708-687-8768 or email: asharma@handrehabclinic.com
 Why choose us !!                 
  • Patients education regarding their treatment program and condition by a CERTIFIED HAND THERAPIST. We firmly believe that patient's achieve better outcomes and show optimal participation when they understand their condition.
  • Pre-surgical, post -surgical and post rehab. programs for i.e ROTATOR CUFF injury to help you achieve your goals.
  • We are not a big corporate owned clinic , our patients are our walking billboards and main referral source. Come see the difference.
  • One therapist to treat you from start to finish of your rehab. program, you wont be switched b/w different therapist back and forth
  • One on one individualized care so that you can get answers to all your questions and complete attention of your therapist
  • Assurance of being treated by experienced /licensed THERAPIST 
  • Medicare and other major insurance accepted 
  • Long clinic hours and weekend appointments to fit the needs of patients
  • Appointments are scheduled with in 24 hrs.