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Crush Injury 3rd and 4th Finger

Pt. is 48 y/o male with crush injury to Rt. hand 3rd and 4th finger. Pt. had Partial Traumatic amputation of finger tips.

Wound care was done in conjunction to maintaining ROM and reducing swelling. 

Once pt. was able to tolerate more pressure , dynamic splint was Fabricated to improve ROM at IP joint. 

ROM/Blocking EXS/ Dynamic splinting/Sensory Re-education

continued for 8 weeks. Finally Pt. Returned to employment working full time. Here is Final Day ROM and Movements. 

Flexor /extensor Tenolysis and Capsulotomy at PIP Joint

This patient was 52 y/o Male construction worker/ smoker Referred to occupational /hand therapy for aggressive ROM and joint mobilizationafter flexor/extensor tenolysis with capsulotomy at PIP joint. Pt's original injury was Volar plate injury to 3rd and 4th finger but due to lack of proper rehab., he developed severe fixed flexion contractures at both finger. 7 day after surgery Dynamic splint was Fabricated. Once can see immediate 90 deg. flexion at PIP joint and almost full extension of fingers. After stitches were removed on 14th day MP blocking component was added along with dynamic splint to avoid Lumbrical plus position. Pt. was seen for tendon gliding/ ROM exs along with edema control. Pt. was very motivated.

Pt. attended 24 outpatient hand therapy sessions with full recovery and returned back on full duty. 

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